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Welcome to Sapporo!


One of the most difficult things for foreign residents and travelers might be seeking medical treatments in Japan, especially in local cities.

Please feel free to ask us about medications and vaccinations for your family members.  We hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful northern city, Sapporo.

About MKC

Dr. Yasoshima specializes in pediatrics and allergy. When you visit MKC for allergic symptoms, please let us know the names of medications you have ever received (ex. Adoair, Singulair), it helps a lot.  

If you are seeking for vaccinations, please have your vaccination records ready.

Office hours

M/T/W/F     9:00~11:45,  14:30~17:00       Sat   9:00~12:00

closed on Thursdays, Sundays, national holidays

​For appointments, please call 011-582-8884


Japanese health insurance only. Please keep your receipts for reimbursement.
We accept credit cards.

Just moved from other countries?

Each country has different vaccination schedules, so does Japan.If your children need to get vaccinated, please feel free to ask us.

Going abroad? Check your vaccination record.

"Be prepared"

When traveling abroad, you need to get information about your destination and get immunized against certain diseases. If you are not sure which vaccines you should get, please ask us, we are here to help you!

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